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Mantic Games – Enforcer Interceptor Build

So, sitting in a box for the last month or so I’ve had the spoils of the Mantic Games, Warpath Kickstarter and so on Saturday I decided to pull on of the Enforcer Interceptor’s out to see how well it went together.


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Contagion Play through mission one


So this is my first contagion battle field. For my first mission I have taken a Sergeant a Sniper and two enforcers one standard and one with a burst laser. I am hoping blaze away will help out if I can manouver lots off zombies into a single square.


So first turn went ok. I managed to keep the zombies wandering back and forth between my two groups. Not sure how that’s going to work as I need to get all my troops off the nearest table edge.

At the end of the turn even more zombies turned up through the spawn points.


I have a feeling that I need to get some more zombies as the 30 supplied in the Contagion pack lasted two turns.

After 6 turns and much backwards and forwards shuffling of zombies I got my whole team off.


Well for my four enforcers here is the kill specs for the first part off my team.

In the next post I will do thereafter battle effects.