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Arcworlde Battle report, David Vs Mark

David and I (Mark) have been champing at the bit to get in a game or two of Arcworlde since we got the figures painted up for TTGUK Paints.  The figures have tonnes of character and the game seemed like fun, at least Jez thought so here.  He’s normally right so we finally decided to pit our wits against each other a few weeks ago.

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Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes – Review

When Darren asked me if I wanted to do a review of Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes it was a bit of a giver that I was going to say Yes.  I have already done a review of Songs and even a small piece on how I developed my Campaign setting so it’s not like I don’t know how the game system works.

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Arcworlde Kickstarter Live

Okay by now everyone knows we love the guys at Warploque Miniatures we’ve mentioned Arcworlde more than once (Review, Painting 1, 2, 3).

Because of the style of miniatures they are going to work for so many systems, can see more than one being used in something like Frostgrave and even wondering if a few may work as RPG minis in Trudvang as well.

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Magic taking Root

Welcome to Mellorian, also known as the Isle of Wonders.

First, a word of friendly advice – forget what you have heard, or that which you think you know about life here. This is a dangerous land; one of intrigue and betrayal. You must proceed cautiously; identifying those that are truly allies – for there are many false men in this land, eager to take your coin and yet sell your secrets. In time you may be approached by a representative of a City, or perhaps something even greater, and offered a position of service. One must think carefully before accepting the coin of master here, for it shall earn you enemies whichever choice you make.

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Wrath of Kings 2 Player Starter Set Announced

Whilst I am trying to get a little bit caught up on things I realised that I have not mentioned this which was announced just over a week ago and looks like I may have got my entry into the game.


The 2-player starter box for Cool Mini or Not’s miniatures wargame Wrath of Kings will be on it’s way to UK shores hopefully for March. Wrath of Kings was originally released in early 2014, and has steadily grown to become a major competitor in the fantasy table top genre, featuring 5 different factions for players to choose from.

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How the Fantasy Battle was won, or how to convert to Kings Of War

At the end of 2014, or was it the begining of 2015, I really can’t remember as there have been so many fantastic projects in the last twelve months, Mantic Games funded the second edition to Kings of War.


This came almost right on top of another fantasy game essentially closing it’s doors.

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