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Kings of War Tournament Warm Up

So with 52 days to go until the Clash of Kings Tournament in March I thought it might actually be a good time to get my head in gear in try playing a game of Kings of War, what did this game throw up, well firstly I am woefully unused to playing Kings of War and secondly I need a lot more practice with my chosen army and possibly a few more revisions to my list.

Well with half of my army blu-tacked on to the respective bases I think it already looks pretty respectable force, and I am suprised by how cool the force looks.

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Dungeon Saga, Kings of War leak

Ok so I have just found these via the magic that is facebook some leaked pictures of the Dragon from both games.


Which will come with different head varieties and also a mount. Who doesn’t wish they could paint that good.
But there is more.

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