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X-Wing first fly out

First off thanks to the guys that gave me some help on list building for my first fly out in the X-Wing universe, first off I lost, seemingly quite drastically but on reflection two of his four tie fighter things were nearly crippled so for a first game I don’t think I fared to bad to be honest.
So the list I ran was only two ships and other than two upgrade cards everything came out of the Heroes of the Resistance pack.


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Tale of 6 Wanderers:Episode 0 (There are only 4)

I thought for something cool and different to do I would play through the campaign of Zombicide: Black Plague and see how well I could turn out a turn by turn battle report so here goes.


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The Walking Dead Play Through

So I have set up for a solo game off Mantics the Walking Dead to have a quick play through on a cold Sunday afternoon, you can see what else we have said about The Walking Dead here

So here we see little Carl Grimes and his dad Rick off to find some supplies. If they get 7 supplies I win if they survive I win if they die I loose. Let’s see what happens.

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EDEN, The Fluff, The Miniatures, The Game

So this morning I have spent a few hours looking over the Eden rulebook, actually thats a very small white lie I have been pouring over the first part of the Eden rulebook, which contains what we gamers comonally refer to as ‘fluff’, the back story of the game, this sets the scene for everything to follow, and will probably influence what you are going to do in the game.


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Beyond The Gates of Antares First Impressions

This week I received my copy of Gates of Antares, those who know me personally will know the hellish three or four weeks I have had recently which is why I have been a bit lax recently of posting things. But today I am starting the catch up process, all that aside here we have Warlord Games Gates of Antares and a quick first thoughts of the game, specifically the rule book and its layout and back story, the actual game I will cover a bit later when I have had chance to at least build the miniatures and have a game.

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Gotham needs you!

As of this morning I received my Batman Miniatures Game Rulebook and after a brief flick through to see what all the fuss is about I can see why this game is gaining a lot of play at my local club. The main rulebook has all the rules etc in it and plenty of fluff and background story garnered from the whole Batman Universe much of which I was blissfully unaware of (such as the amount of different Robins there was).

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