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Learning Curve: Blood Bowl & Lesson’s We Learn The Hard Way!

Some of us (me included) seem to only be capable of learning how to avoid a situation by being in one.  This exhibited in many ways when I was a callow youth (but those are tales for after the watershed -Ed.) and now mainly are displayed when I either buy something I don’t need or get whupped when playing games…

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Learning Curve: Dealing with Real Life

20161001_202451Hello again, it’s been a while since I last wrote anything for several (largely boring for you) reasons.  The main point is that real life threw a few spanners into my hobby engine and now that things are settling back down a little I thought I would share my experiences.

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Purgatory – A Quick Update

So, the other day, the Purgatory kickstarter was started, and within 12 hours it was funded! congratulations guys! Wow! They quickly went from strength to strength, unlocking stretch goals. Well Done Aidan and Gary from Underestimated Games.

You can back the kickstarter here

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13568909_1043594249027601_7203476972464508539_oPurgatory is a game based on the planet at a time when Angels and beast have control of the planet. The game scale is about 32 mm and the miniatures are made from resin. All the stats are placed on the character cards, with attacks are colour coded, so each kind of attack moves can be seen at a glance. most games  will be played at 375 points and The main factions are Soul Train and Murder Inc.

The host for Murder Inc, is Moloch. A four armed living bronze statue, Moloch has four abilities and used correctly can do some serious damage, even to another host. Moloch is also great at running into combat or holding up enemies in melee.


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Sarissa Scenery on Sale

Roll up, roll up and get you battlefields ready for tournament season!

Over at Warlord Games they’ve been working closely with Sarissa Precision to develop a growing range of scenics, catering for every historical and sci-fi battlefield. To celebrate this range Warlord are giving you the chance to build your battlefields and army displays with a huge 15% discount on ALL Sarissa Precision single items (whilst stocks last).


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Arcworlde Kickstarter Live

Okay by now everyone knows we love the guys at Warploque Miniatures we’ve mentioned Arcworlde more than once (Review, Painting 1, 2, 3).

Because of the style of miniatures they are going to work for so many systems, can see more than one being used in something like Frostgrave and even wondering if a few may work as RPG minis in Trudvang as well.

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Learning Curve no.13

20160626_195119[1]Ooooh unlucky for some!  Hope not.  This week I’m going to be looking ahead slightly to try and figure out what to invest my time and money into over the next few months.  I always struggle a bit with making the right choices when buying into games, often buying and then selling figures and rule books in quite a short space of time.  This time I’m going to try and do it right.

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