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Weekend 10th Jan

So as this weekend draws to a slow close. What have you guys been up to? The Battle Hammer have been losing people and games up at the Grid at the “Frozen Balls” tournament.

I have managed to get one miniature built this weekend Ba’Su’Su the Vile for my Forces of the Abyss army.


Remember if you are running an event you can get in touch and we can see about getting it advertised on the gaming calander

Who likes a competition.

We all do and over at Tor Gaming they are running a stunner to kickstarter 2015


£150 of mystery Tor goodies could be yours. Which, have no doubt, will be awesome. This year should hopefully see the relics range expanding, so what better time to get involved in the slightly odd looking little world. I really can’t decided on which faction looks the best, the mechanised Nuem or the Vaettir, although am slightly swung more towards the fantasy looking Vaettir.

Follow THIS LINK to be in with a chance of winning.

Good luck.

Even better news is good through the link again and you can get multiple votes every day.

There are just three days left to get your entries in!

Great news for Mars Attacks Kickstarter backer

Great news – tomorrow Mantic start shipping the remaining Mars Attacks pledges!

Here is a message from the bigman himself

We have flown in the big stompy Robot, got lots of cardboard boxes already made up and we are ready to go. The other good news is that we have used the time to pre-bag lots of the components. This will mean that the despatch will not only be quick, but it should also be very accurate and everything will be easy to identify once it arrives with you. This means we will certainly have them all sent by mid- November as we said in the last post. With a little bit of luck we might have them done before then, fingers crossed.

In your shipment you will be receiving the game, the Robot, the saucer, the flatbed truck and all the models in the complete range – many of which will not hit retailers’ shelves for a while – in some cases up to 9 months.


The hard cover compendium however has been caught up for a number of reasons. Until last week it looked like that might make it for Monday, but we now have a date of mid-November, so we are going to post those out separately, although the backers that get despatched last might get it included, depending when it actually arrives. It might just be the last hard cover Compendium edition we do, so please enjoy it!

Thank you for being so patient, I can’t imagine how infuriating it is waiting for your parcel to arrive and yet seeing it about, when you are the people who made it all possible. However, I thought it would improve the weekend if I let you know that it is on its way in the next few days! With courier shipping starting tomorrow you’ll be receiving a personalised notification once your order is collected by the shipping agent and usually it arrives a couple of days later, depending where in the world you are.

So, once again 2 thanks yous and 2 hopes. Thank you for backing us – you have helped create a fantastic fun range that, I think brings Mars Attacks to life. Thank you for your patience while we brought in the last pieces (and dealt with some quite amazing cock-ups of which the 2 left legs was just one – I’m happy to share the war stories over a beer sometime!). And a hope – I hope you enjoy the game and the miniatures. We have tried to make it the most playable miniatures Tabletop game on the market. With great detail, strategic play and quick game time I hope that in the future you will see the game on retailers’ shelves with pride that you helped create it, rather than frustration that you don’t have it! Thank you. Enjoy.