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Steamforged 1st Quarter of releases

For some strange reason I thought I had already covered some of the new releases coming early next year but apparently I haven’t! Which is odd!

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High Orbit Mats – Review

When I was waiting for my order for Dropfleet commander one of the fun things was to look at what else I was going to need.  I knew pretty early on I was going to need a new gaming mat.  I have a few star maps but as Dropfleet is all about grabbing land masses I needed something new.  I had a look around the Facebook group and to be honest the ideas were all the same, either big land masses or mats that looked like Mars.  The selection didn’t really grab me at all.

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Fillet and Minx more season 3 Spoilers

Steamforged are releasing spoilers at a crazy rate that’s a struggle to keep up with.

Conditions are an important part of Guild Ball. They can have a massive impact on the game, and more than that, they’re part of our integral core design for several of our Guilds. The Butchers will bleed you, the Hunters want to snare you in their dangerous traps, and the Alchemists… oh boy, the Alchemists. They’ll poison your poor players, set them alight and burn them, and even bleed you if you’re not careful. These are just some of the obvious examples, but just about every single Guild has methods of inflicting one or more of Guild Ball’s condition effects upon their opponents, and then capitalising on it. As a coach, learning to deal out conditions and how to remove them from your own players is one of the first things you’ll learn once you pick up the basics!

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The Great Bear Roars on- Season 3 previews

You’ve come for tidings of the Great Bear? The champion of the north? Well, he’s changed. He’s stronger now. Which is better for us, at least. Not so much for those puling maggots in the southlands, eh? All weak, pink, and soft, ha!? Ah, those southerners. All so interested in their little politics and their silly games, none of them with half an eye to spare for the things that matter; the growing trees, the sap in all living things, the first frost of winter.

Pah. Well, traveller, settle in, grab a drink, and let’s see how Seenah has changed…

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Season 3 Spoilers: Guild Ball

On the first day of the Spiel show in Essen, Steamforged Games celebrated by revealing two of the player cards from Kick Off! Behold, the dazzling Scarlet Star, Harmony, and the rough and tough captain of the Brewers, Tapper. Both players will be very familiar to veteran coaches, but both have experienced some very interesting changes as we move into Season 3. Enough with the pre-game, let’s take a closer look!

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