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Kings of War Tournament Warm Up

So with 52 days to go until the Clash of Kings Tournament in March I thought it might actually be a good time to get my head in gear in try playing a game of Kings of War, what did this game throw up, well firstly I am woefully unused to playing Kings of War and secondly I need a lot more practice with my chosen army and possibly a few more revisions to my list.

Well with half of my army blu-tacked on to the respective bases I think it already looks pretty respectable force, and I am suprised by how cool the force looks.

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Clash Of Kings- Organised play Supplement for Kings of War

Mantic now have on pre order a new supplement for Kings of War. The newest book will help you in setting up any Organised play games for Kings of War. This will be a must for any club members looking to run events with in their club, and I have mine on pre order. Mantic hope to have these to you by the 24th of Feb.5819-1-148-148-ffffff-0

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T-83 days Tournament time

So if you saw this post  you will know I am in the middle of a harebrained ideal of actually playing competitively in 2017 (2018 will depend on how I do in ’17). So the second tournament I will be attending is Aftermath’s Clash of Kings.

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Mantic have via their blog posted about opening their doors to games on the 14th for their International Campaign Day. The details are below and taken from the blog on Mantic’s site. I know the guys at TTGUK will be setting up games wherever they are for this big day. Continue reading KINGS OF WAR INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN DAY JAN 14th 2017

The Mantic Open Day – Winter 2016

It’s always a joy to spin down to the Mantic Bunker, and Saturday 26th November saw myself, a slew of other Mantic Pathfinders, a ton of visitors, and a few Mantic dignitaries arriving in Bulwell ready for this Winter’s Mantic Open Day.

The masses descend upon the new Walking Dead miniatures!

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Tournaments next year

Well yesterday I may have done something slightly crazy, in fact it was so crazy I didn’t realise just what I was letting myself in for, it takes biting off more than you can chew to a whole new level!

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Mantic Black Friday Crazy Box details

Mantic will be bringing back the crazy box for Black Friday and this time it will be more crazy. The box will only cost you £25/$34.99 and comes in two flavors, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but in each box will be more then £50/$70 worth of items.

To add to the great deal you are getting this year, 50% of the box’s will have an extra insane values item, such as the dungeon saga adventure facebook, limited edition resin miniatures, a faint dragon and more!

Mantic’s crazy box 2016 will go on sale on Black Friday, along with a host of other great deals through out the day and special timed deals every hour starting at 10am GMT.


HATECONZOM: The Autopsy…

Saturday November 5th saw Mantic in force in Bethnal Green, as Zak and his team of rowdy Pathfinders descended upon the East London Wargames club (and Working Mens Club…) to show off some of the funky new Star Saga toys, play games, engage in tournaments and revel in the brand spanking new Walking Dead game!

 The Gaming Dead play The Walking Dead

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