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Learning Curve: Blood Bowl & Lesson’s We Learn The Hard Way!

Some of us (me included) seem to only be capable of learning how to avoid a situation by being in one.  This exhibited in many ways when I was a callow youth (but those are tales for after the watershed -Ed.) and now mainly are displayed when I either buy something I don’t need or get whupped when playing games…

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Learning Curve: 40K and why I suck

ravenwing-librarian-4Hello again, sorry it’s been a while.  I think I’m in a kind of post-Christmas-binge induced slothery.  Anyway I haven’t been completely idle, I’ve painted two Blood Bowl teams (more on these when the bases are completed) and played a third game of 40K.  This time with my long-time banter buddy Ant who’d just acquired a new traitor guard regiment and wanted to get back into the game.  So how did it go?

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Learning Curve no.13

20160626_195119[1]Ooooh unlucky for some!  Hope not.  This week I’m going to be looking ahead slightly to try and figure out what to invest my time and money into over the next few months.  I always struggle a bit with making the right choices when buying into games, often buying and then selling figures and rule books in quite a short space of time.  This time I’m going to try and do it right.

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Learning Curve Part Eleven

20160225_194911Hello again and welcome back to my diary of game theory vs practice.  Recently I have had the pleasure of playing quite a few games; Guild Ball, Marvel Universe, Infinity, Tanks and Burrows & Badgers.  I definitely have favourites amongst them and some I’m not in any hurry to go back to but it got me thinking about what it is that draws me in to a game and above all things it made me think about where it all started…(cue slow blur and twinkly music.)

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Learning Curve IX Infinity

20160701_194717[1].jpgWelcome back to my weekly(almost) run down of what I’ve learnt about playing games!  This week I’m talking Infinity the Game by Corvus Belli.  Any of you who’re following along with Sunday Colour will realise that I detest playing with unfinished figures so I made a special effort to ensure that my starter set was finished in time for the games.  My force was ready, the table was ready (many thanks to TinyWargames for the mat)  but was I?

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Learning Curve Chapter Eight

20160626_121857[1]This week I’m going to follow up on the game of Burrows and Badgers Darren and I played a fortnight or so ago.  We played at Final Re-Roll in Norwich using a deepcut studios PVC mat which is beautiful as you’ll see.  I won’t do a full battle report because we already have that covered here.  Instead I’m going to try and figure out where I went wrong with the game starting with my failure to realise just how good certain skills are…

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Learning Curve Act Seven

20160624_220958[1]Hi all.  This week you’ll be pleased to know that I actually managed to play some games!  I’m going to concentrate on a particular game each week and this week I am talking Tribal!  This is a game one of my friends picked up at Salute and it centres around the violent conduct of the Maori.  It is however useable in any pre-gunpowder setting so for our games we re-played England (Saxons) vs Wales (Welsh).  Despite being the most English player at the table I ended up being the Welsh…
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