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Blood Bowl Dwarfs available for order

The Dwarf Giants are an old team with a very long and distinguished history. They were one of the original Blood Bowl sects, and have been present for every major development in the game’s history. In more recent times they have consolidated their talents and re-launched themselves as major players in the modern Blood Bowl leagues.

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The Fall of Cadia

This Gathering Storm bundle collects together the new releases around the Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia, part one in the Gathering Storm series. It features a copy of The Gathering Stom: Fall of Cadia, a deck of Empyric Storm Cards and three incredible Citadel miniatures.

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Warlord Release: Paint Sets

This week Warlord Games have announce the release of the very first Paint Sets for Beyond the Gates of Antares. They consulted studio painter Andrés, to get his suggested paints for those wishing to recreate the colour schemes used by the Warlord design studio…

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