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Dr Who Time Vortex

Coming Soon!

We are delighted to announce that a series of Classic Series monsters are soon to arrive at our HQ, starting with the Tetraps from the 1987 story Time And The Rani. Although impressive in design, they have never been seen since, but you can soon right that wrong by adding these guys to your growing collection of pewter miniatures from Warlord. More information and images coming soon…

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Spoils Resource Packs

New out are the resource packs.

These packs available from contain the following.

The Spoils Resource Pack contains:

9 Obsession
9 Greed
9 Deception
9 Elitism
9 Rage
3 Micromajig Token
2 Tournament Factions

Hopefully the tournament factions will add a bit of variety to tournet decks whilst the new resource cards will add a splash of variety to a players deck.