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The Mantic Open Day – Winter 2016

It’s always a joy to spin down to the Mantic Bunker, and Saturday 26th November saw myself, a slew of other Mantic Pathfinders, a ton of visitors, and a few Mantic dignitaries arriving in Bulwell ready for this Winter’s Mantic Open Day.

The masses descend upon the new Walking Dead miniatures!

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Less than 48 hours to go


48 hour warning! Five reasons to support Star Saga!

It’s been an exciting few weeks on the Star Saga Kickstarter and as we approach the end of the campaign, we wanted to give you an update and explain why you should jump on board.

The $100 pledge now includes:

  • More than 80 minis
  • Four Kickstarter exclusive characters and an exclusive campaign
  • Rules for using Warpath characters as minions
  • A Veer-myn expansion, with two new expansions just around the corner
  • Brand new Nameless miniatures

 But just in case you need more great reasons to back, here are five of the top reasons to support Star Saga on Kickstarter

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Breaking news from Bethnal Green and the Mantic team; In addition to the Kings of War and Dreadball tournaments, Open table Deadzone, and Walking Dead introductory games, Mantic will be bringing members of the design team and offering the opportunity for Alpha testing of the new STAR SAGA game at HATECONZOM on the 5th of November2016!



Star Saga Exclusive

With the Star Saga Kickstarter campaign over 200% funded and doesnt look as though its ready to stop yet, and being threatened with Ronnie going crazy on the pledges! Its about time for an exclusive couple of pictures for you!

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Star Saga Update

In case you missed the anouncement over the weekend!

Currently Funding: $200,000 – Enforcer ES435 – Codename ‘Monarch’

Featuring strong story-telling elements and immersive game scenarios, Star Saga: The Eiras Contract will see players guide a team of mercenaries on a mission to retrieve stolen technology from a highly guarded research facility deep beneath the surface of the planet Eiras.

In Star Saga you’ll take on platoons of minions and powerful alien bosses, and quickly discover there’s more to your mission than a simple case of corporate espionage. As the game unfolds you’ll be forced to make difficult decisions to stay alive as the story takes unexpected twists and turns.

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Star Saga: Mantic’s Dungeon Crawler… In Spaaaaaaaaaace!


Today see’s the launch of Mantic’s newest Kickstarter – Star Saga: The Eiras Contract.


Announced a mere 10 days ago, and much like is predecessor Dungeon Saga, this will see Mantic taking their highly affordable miniatures and easily accessible games play, crawling through tractless corridors and chambers – although this time in the dark forboding reaches of space.

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