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What Game is For Me??

Who has heard some one say in their friendly local gaming store (FLGS) ‘What Game is For Me?’ or some variation of the theme that they have no idea what to get to play.

42598-largeWell to be fair it’s not actually a bad question to ask, especially if you think that miniature games such as Dropzone Commander, anything from Games Workshop or Mantic are going to take an deal off effort to get sorted and that’s before you even start to play. So today am going to look at a few games and types of games that are available, although this will be by no means a comprehensive list.


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The UK gets a Victors’ Curcuit

The Spoils Tournament – the Victors’ Circuit

Our favourite TCG, The Spoils, is holding Regional events across the pond, and we decided it wasn’t fair of the Americans to have all the fun – we are planning our very own event over here! Full details are still to be confirmed, but we expect to be holding our own Victors’ Circuit Regional event in Kent in early March. The main event will be sealed format using Seed Saga boosters, and there will be a side event of an ‘XGF‘ Constructed tournament, as well as, if time and space allow, the time to play casual games!

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Hello, Sweet Prince!

45549172dde2013a06ac7e75901ee5afb888ededHello again!  This week we’re delving back into my massive collection of the Spoils cards to try and make a ridiculous combo deck!  Following the recent banning of the CD machine my life became a micromajigless (well ten or so is closer to none than I’d like) wasteland of sadness and crying puppies.  I’m being a bit dramatic it actually was composed mainly of trying to learn to play Doomtown: Reloaded but the point is that it’s a sad time…
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Reappearances Can Be Deceptive!

Hello again fellow cardboard addicts!  This week we head back to the Spoils to do one of my favourite things; discard pile shenanigans!  The reason I love re-animator decks is that even though they are inevitably a little telegraphed the shocking power available and the ability to turn most of your discard heap into an extension of your hand is a great opportunity!  I’ll start with the deck list:

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The Unavoidale Draft!

Hi again!  Whilst I wait for FFGs notoriously slow boat to arrive with my new stuff I’ve been drafting Seed Saga!  With four or five drafts under my belt I can safely say this is my favourite set of any CCG to draft, it’s a large enough set to make each draft genuinely feel different and it has so many crazy cards and combos even writing this has made me want to open some boosters!

For those of you that have no idea what I’m on about; drafting is a great way to play collectable card games.  In a nutshell each player is given three packs and they all open the first pack, take a card and pass the remaining cards from the pack, taking one card from the pack they’ve just been passed and so on until all of the cards from the boosters are picked.  You then build a deck from the cards you’ve chosen.  Drafting is a skill in itself; picking up what the other guys are doing and making sure that you draft the best possible selection of cards is very tricky.  I’d actually regard drafting as amongst my weaker skills at the Spoils so I love getting some practice in!

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And we are back.

Slowly I am getting back in the swing of things, a bit off a backlog off emails but with no one to cover that’s just an unfortunate side effect.

Although big props to the guys at Chaos Cards the day after I got married I got a message to say that my season 2 swag for The Spoils had been sent out, and royal mail didn’t disappoint.

Over the last few days had great fun opening booster packs got some awesome cards.


It really is such a shame that a great game is missing out on the love off so many gamers who just dismiss it as another ccg. But hopefully the army of ambassadors will change that this season.

On the miniature front my Kings of war pledge manager has been completed and a 1600 point Abyssal Army should be heading my way. This will be my first ‘complete army’ I have purchased in one hit. And a bit apprehensive about completing it.

I have also started painting my M18 hellcat that I reviewed last month. Just awaiting a few paints and a bit off advice for painting something that actually existed instead of sci-fi/fantasy stuff. Love the kit and really want to do it justice.

That’s all for now. You may return to your painting and gaming.

Spoils Resource Packs

New out are the resource packs.

These packs available from contain the following.

The Spoils Resource Pack contains:

9 Obsession
9 Greed
9 Deception
9 Elitism
9 Rage
3 Micromajig Token
2 Tournament Factions

Hopefully the tournament factions will add a bit of variety to tournet decks whilst the new resource cards will add a splash of variety to a players deck.