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Mantic Games – Enforcer Interceptor Build

So, sitting in a box for the last month or so I’ve had the spoils of the Mantic Games, Warpath Kickstarter and so on Saturday I decided to pull on of the Enforcer Interceptor’s out to see how well it went together.


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The Mantic Open Day – Winter 2016

It’s always a joy to spin down to the Mantic Bunker, and Saturday 26th November saw myself, a slew of other Mantic Pathfinders, a ton of visitors, and a few Mantic dignitaries arriving in Bulwell ready for this Winter’s Mantic Open Day.

The masses descend upon the new Walking Dead miniatures!

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Mantic Black Friday Crazy Box details

Mantic will be bringing back the crazy box for Black Friday and this time it will be more crazy. The box will only cost you £25/$34.99 and comes in two flavors, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but in each box will be more then £50/$70 worth of items.

To add to the great deal you are getting this year, 50% of the box’s will have an extra insane values item, such as the dungeon saga adventure facebook, limited edition resin miniatures, a faint dragon and more!

Mantic’s crazy box 2016 will go on sale on Black Friday, along with a host of other great deals through out the day and special timed deals every hour starting at 10am GMT.


Mantic Writing Competition

Mantic have announced, via their blog that they are now accepting submissions for their writing competition.

Successful entries will be published as an official Mantic Novel. This competition will centre on a handful of events, battles and character stories from both of the Mantic universe’s.

The 1st of November will see some more information and material posted for download on the Mantic Blog, and don’t forget the top three entries will win a prize which is outlined below.


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Star Saga Update

In case you missed the anouncement over the weekend!

Currently Funding: $200,000 – Enforcer ES435 – Codename ‘Monarch’

Featuring strong story-telling elements and immersive game scenarios, Star Saga: The Eiras Contract will see players guide a team of mercenaries on a mission to retrieve stolen technology from a highly guarded research facility deep beneath the surface of the planet Eiras.

In Star Saga you’ll take on platoons of minions and powerful alien bosses, and quickly discover there’s more to your mission than a simple case of corporate espionage. As the game unfolds you’ll be forced to make difficult decisions to stay alive as the story takes unexpected twists and turns.

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Star Saga: Mantic’s Dungeon Crawler… In Spaaaaaaaaaace!


Today see’s the launch of Mantic’s newest Kickstarter – Star Saga: The Eiras Contract.


Announced a mere 10 days ago, and much like is predecessor Dungeon Saga, this will see Mantic taking their highly affordable miniatures and easily accessible games play, crawling through tractless corridors and chambers – although this time in the dark forboding reaches of space.

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Marching the Warpath

Mantic has launched there next Kickstarter which is Warpath, basically the Deadzone Universe in mass battle size. Fully funded withing 5 minutes the only thing to guess know is just how far this will go.

Forge Lord Ingulf Krestürsson and Padd fully funded!

This heroic miniature will now be included free in the Operation: Heracles two player set and the Forge Father Battlegroup.

What’s next? Let’s get another vehicle shall we?

NEW! $175,000 Forge Father Sturnhammer Battle Tank/Drakkar APC

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