If you go in to the woods today..

…you had better be armed with these.


Wizards of the Coast is releasing it’s new fifth edition books at the moment, so far we have the starter set, players handbook and Hoard of the Dragons with the monster manual due very soon.

The Starter set includes a small campaign and enough to get you going upto about level five. With a few dice and some prepare character sheets.

The Players Handbook which is billed as the ‘essential referance’ over 300 pages of D&D goodness with everything needed to take your character from bumbling idiot through to Master of his or her fate.


The Horde of the Dragon Queen is a campaign adventure designed for heroes between level one and seven, presumably with The Rise of Tiamat will take your character from level seven onwards.

All three books, and future releases are designed to seamlessly work together, with gloriously beautiful artwork and more options for character design than you can shake a forest at.

The campaign books have everything a dungeon master needs to spin a fantastical place for their fellow players to adventure through.

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