Sunday Colour 17 Afterlife

Welcome back!  This week I have finally managed to finish a project that I started way back in the beginning of this column
This has been a true labour of love.  I started out the project and was doing some of my best ever work on them but then several things got in the way of that.  Mainly all of the other projects that keep being handed to me…

So in the end the addition of the airbrush to my armoury has really enabled me to speed up the base-coating of my figures and in this case it made an enormous difference.  However there was still the endless edge highlighting to do on all that grey which was basically no fun.

arrow-deathstroke-man-under-hoodI think I’m going to declare these guys as my best looking non-skirmish force.  The figures are great, the base toppers are great (kudos to Anvil Industry once again) and the paint job is both striking and believable (oh stop blowing your own trumpet already -Ed.).  I would just like to take a moment to thank Slade Wilson for his inspirational presence on screen and my Afterlife gaming crew Ant and Aidan for getting me to pull my finger out!

I’m pretty much caught up at the moment so I’m going to go back to painting Night Lords!  Until next time happy painting! -Mark



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