Guild Ball: Kick Off with content pictures

You all knew it was coming well today it’s started landing for pre order.

Join the star players from the popular Brewer’s and Mason’s Guilds as they take to the pitch to fight for the Sovereign States Championship. Complete with everything an aspiring coach needs to play, Kick Off! is the perfect entry point for the amazing world of Guild Ball, a bloody mob football game of intense action and high stakes! 

This competitive two player board game takes between 60 and 90 minutes to play and is for players ages 14+.Inside the box will be all you need to play and the two teams will be ready straight out of the box having been resculpted and tooled especially for this box set.

Added a few more images found of the Internet.

7 thoughts on “Guild Ball: Kick Off with content pictures”

      1. Interesting, why not? Which teams do you think would have been better?

        I’m pretty confident I’ll like the game, based on what I’ve read, heard and seen. It’s whether I can get anyone else to play. This way I would have a ready made, self-contained introduction for people to test out. It’s the same reason I keep eyeing up the Malifaux 2 player starter.

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