Tournament Ready

Today sees me take part in my first tournament for the spoils that isn’t a demo.

Yes after over four months the guys who tell me when I am needed at work and the guys who run my Friendly Local Gaming Store have finally decided to consider the fact that I want a game.

So I am armed with a cool playmat a 75 card The Spoils deck and all the rest of demo gear, and I am Tournament Ready. Throughout the day I will be putting updates on my Facebook Page then over the next week that will be feed to a raging bask to see what comes out the other end and posted up as a report.

I know I am going to be going up against some big hitters and some nasty combos, that the power players use with a primarily starter box set based deck. But I am looking forward to some good luck from the CCG Gods.

Wish me well and see you on the other side.

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